Is Telehealth Credentialing Giving You a Headache?

The Telebehavioral Health Institute is here to help.

There are two types of “credentialing” for telehealth, one for training, and the other for reimbursement. They are related to one another, but traditionally they are quite different:

  1. Training: Obtaining a “credential” such as a certificate or certification for having completed a specific level of training. In telemental health, as in all new areas of practice as per all ethical codes of practice as issued by professional associations, training ought to be based on competencies. The Telebehavioral Health Institute is founded on competencies established in the early publications of Dr. Maheu in 2001, and shortly thereafter, Drs. Maheu, Pulier and Mcmenamin in 2004. (These concepts are more recently elaborated in Dr. Maheu’s most recent book, which is in press and should be released in early 2016.) Such training helps the practitioner understand the fundamentals of telepractice. The currently-available training from the Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI) provides actionable, 21st Century professional training to help the practitioner understand and implement all recognized core telemental health competencies. Various groups have incorporated these competencies into their theories and requirements. They are available in two forms:
    • In-person training by a qualified TBHI speaker. Dr. Maheu and her team of professional speakers are available to speak at your local facility. To see Dr. Maheu’s past presentation topics, see her current and past speaking scheduleContact us here for specific pricing. A variety of speakers are available in the United States and internationally as well.
    • eLearning – all training is available online, is available 24/7, is self paced (start and stop when you are available) and self-directed (provides over 1,000 links to additional resources online for further exploration in areas of interest)
  2. Reimbursement. Telehealth credentialing is a process whereby practitioners become eligible for reimbursement by third parties. It has to do with a third party (TBHI in this instance), verifying your eligibility for payment in the eyes of a payor. It is unrelated to telemental health training.

TBHI can now help you become credentialed using these criteria:

  • Background Check
  • Licensure
  • Malpractice
  • Insurance Carriers
  • We make the introduction to telehealth specialty professionals; you negotiate your own fees and terms

If telemental health credentialing is giving you a headache for any reason, we can help. Contact us for more information.

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